Are the Hotel prices consistent through out the year?
Hotel prices are contracted six months to a year in advance and hotels when having low occupancy are within their rights to lower rates or offer special promotions. We have no control over this and cannot be held responsible for their acts nor can it constitute cause for refund or any action against us.

How could i get my refunds?
The refunds will be paid out after we receive the credit advice form our overseas associates, and can at times take upto 60 days from the date of receiving a written request along with all material documents of action from our end.


How can I book or Contact
You can book your tour by sending an email at europe@holidayscarnivaleurope.com or by calling us>

What are the Booking Procedures?
As soon as you decide to book any of the tours , you will have to send the complete information. Full names of passengers along with the ages of the children, type of room required, check in and check out dates along with complete flight details. You are also required to send the payment by remittance.

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